What is Normality?

1.The state of being normal.

The American Institute of Normality has an internal procedure for determining whether or not something is normal. This Procedure is the culmination of years of work and we are constantly working on revisions and exceptions. You can rest assured that our Normality experts have the greatest knowledge possible on the subject of Normality.*


Am I Normal?

It is highly likely that you are indeed normal. However to be on the safe side you had better file for a Normality certificate. For only a small fee and a few questions we can determine beyond a shadow of a doubt whether or not you are normal.
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How can I be sure that the American Institute of Normality knows what is normal?

The American Institute of Normality is the world leader in determining what is normal. We have dedicatedly researched the subject for years. Subsequently the Institute has its own Internal definition of Normality that is uncorrupted by common perception. We have, in fact, found the true essence of what is normal.


What if I’m in another country and want to be certified by the institute? 

Unfortunately currently we only ship to North American locations. Normality is a world wide phenomenon, but we are only so many, and we haven’t the capability to certify out of the country Normality at this moment. We are currently working on expanding our resources to get to other parts of the world and expand our definition of Normality accordingly.


*(The chemical definition of Normality noninclusive)

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