About Certification

What do I need to be certified? 

Not much. We require some basic information to verify your Normality. Such as name, age, gender, a quick description of your Normality, and a photo of you or what is being certified normal. Of course we will also require a shipping address and payment information to ship a certificate to you.
Currently only North American locations may be shipped to by the Institute.


What can I get certified?

There are six levels of certification.
Single Person – 1Year $100
Single Person – Life    $150
Family  -1Year            $200
Family – Life                $250
Business – Life           $300
Business and all Employees on the Premises (Therein) – Life    $350

All information must be adjusted according to the level of certification.


What does the “Family” option mean?

“Family” in the case of normality certification means a married couple and all of their immediate relatives. Parents, siblings, children.


What does the “Business” option mean?

The business option certifies that any particular business, not its owner or employees, is normal. The “with all employees therein” option means that every one who is working there at that time is normal. This does not account for when they are not at work.


What will I receive?

All those who pass the certification process will receive, by mail, a certificate that verifies their Normality. This certificate is printed on parchment stock and will have either a silver or gold seal denoting 1 Year and lifetime verification respectively.


What does being Normal mean?

Just that. It means that the certified person is normal. Nothing more. Our definition of normal and anything associated with being normal is internal, and can be requested for any instance where it is necessary.


What will happen to my information?

All information sent for use in the certification process will be reviewed by a Normality expert. Then most of it will be deleted from our internal servers. We will keep a list containing the name, age, and gender of all those certified normal. We reserve the right to distribute this list in any way we like, though it will be for our internal records unless noted on this site. No other information, such as addresses, phone numbers, and photos will be kept, let alone distributed.
Please understand that we do use various email providers and though we will delete the data of our servers, we can’t guarantee any actions these email providers may take with your information. Credit card numbers and other such sensitive information is not sent over these services.




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